Discovery playmat

Category: 0m+

75,00 VAT included


Large playmat with unique activities designed to  encourage tummy time, turning over, moving araund or sit-up play..

Available: yes

Gymmotion Time development mat

Category: 0m+

35,00 VAT included

Musical mat...

Available: yes

Soft ball

Category: 6m+

19,90 VAT included

Motion activated soft ball...

Available: yes


Category: 0m+

55,00 VAT included

Records and plays back the voice of parents ...

Available: yes

Pekos baby bath dresser White

249,00 VAT included

Available: no

Niplette inverted nipples

Category: OUTLET

26,00 VAT included


Niplette system for the treatment of inverted nipples ...

product information
Available: yes

Set of bath toys with a net

Category: Bath Accessories

19,90 VAT included


Set of bath toys with a net...

Available: yes

Twin Swift ultralight stroller Marina 2015 vers

Category: Twin stroller

189,00 VAT included


Twin Swift is the practical and easy to handle twin stroller...

Available: no

Pliko mini ultralight stroller Neon

139,00 VAT included


Pliko mini ultralight stroller Neon...

Available: yes

Panchina 3 in 1

Category: Outdoor

79,00 VAT included

Available: no

Bio Baby toothpaste

Category: Cosmetic

5,50 VAT included

Bio Baby Toothpaste - Natural Born Collection...

Available: yes

ONDA SLIM Foldable bath tub

39,00 VAT included

Onda slim.. Foldable bath tub... Pink, Blu; Orange and Green...

Available: yes