The composition of breast milk


Breast milk is the best food for infants. It contains all the ingredients to grow in a healthy way. It not only provides nourishment, but it increases the immune system and promotes growth, unique elements of each pair mother-child relationship.
Breast milk is always changing and adapts to the needs of the newborn during growth. Its content varies during the day and in the early months.
From the outset, it is perfect for your child.
Breast milk passes through three main stages: colostrum, transitional milk and mature milk.


During the first days after childbirth, a woman produces a particular kind of rich milk, viscous and yellowish. It is produced in very small quantities but it is perfect for the needs of your child.
This milk is called colostrum and contains large amounts of antibodies and growth factors. Promotes the development of the gastro-intestinal tract of your child and the anti-infective agents that act as first contains immune system.

Colostrum has a laxative effect, which helps the baby to expel the meconium (the first stool) and helps prevent jaundice neonatal bilirubin cleaning the intestines.

Transition milk

During the next two weeks, the milk increases in quantity and changes in appearance and composition. The content of immunoglobulins and proteins is reduced and that of sugars and fats. At this stage, the breast can be full, hard and heavy. This physiological engorgement of the breast, also called milk supply, can be alleviated through frequent breastfeeding.

Mature milk

The mature milk is less viscous and more liquid cow's milk, and this can sometimes lead to confusion in the mothers. However, this milk contains all the nutrients needed for a healthy development of the child. Breast milk is never "too light". The mature milk changes during a feeding, to fit as much as possible to the needs of the child.

The milk flowing at the beginning of the feed is low in fat and high in lactose, sugar, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. During the feeding, the fat content increases and that of sugars decreases.

What's in breast milk?

If we think of the foods we eat, they contain 3 major components:


In the food there are also many other components.
The milk of all mammals contains three basic components, but in different quantities. For example, the milk of whale has a very high content of fat but low in carbohydrates, while the cow's milk has more protein and less carbohydrate of human milk. This demonstrates that human milk is specific for newborns, with all the ingredients in the exact quantity.
Many components of breast milk provide a unique immunological protection that helps protect the newborn. The antibodies of the mother, in fact, passed to his son and offer additional protection that only breast milk can provide.
In other words, breast milk is the perfect food for your baby, it provides everything you need to its growth, the exact ingredients at the right temperature, and provides protection that no other milk is able to offer.


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