Miniland baby

Cars Warmy travel

Category: Bottle warmer

18,00 VAT included

The practical baby bottle and jar warmer – ideal for families on the go...

Thermo bath

Category: bath thermometers

19,00 VAT included

Measures both room and bath water temperatures....

Portable steriliser

Category: Hygiene Care Set

25,00 VAT included

Ultraviolet and portable ozone sterilization for teats and soothers ...

Nasal care

Category: Nasal aspirator

49,00 VAT included

A simple and discreet method to remove excess mucus from the nose of the baby wherever you are ..

Thermotalk plus

Category: Thermometr

49,00 VAT included

The fast and easy to use thermometer that accurately communicates both temperature and pulse...

Baby bottle warmer for house and car

Category: Bottle warmer

49,00 VAT included

Heats baby bottle and jars of baby food...


Category: 0m+

55,00 VAT included

Records and plays back the voice of parents ...

Digitalk easy

Category: Baby monitor

64,90 VAT included

Digitalk easy...