Car seat gr.1 isofix Storm grey

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Category Car seat gr.1
Brand Britax Romer

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only security, lightness, elegance.

Universally approved to be used in any car with Isofix anchoring points and Top tether, Trifix is the first child seat equipped with our revolutionary mounting system Isofix +, our latest innovation for the controlled management of the forces.

The combination of our patented V-tether Pivot-link significantly reduces the forward movement and rotation of your baby, keeping it safe as mai.Oltre the thick spondde side softly padded abbimo increased child protection by integrating our technology innovative SI-Pad for assobire forces and ensure greater protection against side impacts.


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ISOFIX + - superior ISOFIX system allows a link
directed to the ISOFIX anchor points and Top Tether Vehicle
V-Tether - superior top tether system which absorbs so
Intelligent energy in proportion to the incident,
Top tether provides a third attachment point, thereby limiting
so the rotational movement of the seat.
The Pivot Link Link system reduces the forward movement of the child, in case of incidente.Tecnologia SI-Pad for maximum impact protection laterali.Le thick and softly padded side rails offer excellent protection against side impact.
The effective chest pads reduce the forward motion, the child in case of accident.
Safety belt adjustable to 5 points with one operazione.Poggiatesta and height-adjustable belt with easy adjustment, no risk of error with only one hand.
Indicators that confirm that the ISOFIX hooks are properly secured,
Indicators confirm that the top tether was well installed.
Unlocking the ISOFIX anchors - facilitated by the front,
ISOFIX insertion guides - for easy assembly and the interior of the vehicle protection.
The ISOFIX arms retract to store it with ease.
Reclining in different positions - adjustable without disturbing the child, easily removable cover that eliminates the need to insert and remove the belts.
Lining removable padded softly for lavaggio.I tensioner facilitate the placement and removal of the child from the seat.
The buckle remains in the running direction to facilitate the position of a child in the car seat.
Mounting with ISOFIX



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